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When you need an owner’s manual or service manual for your car, the last thing you want to do is spend hours digging for the right book.

You don’t need to tell us; we have been running an auto repair shop in Boulder Colorado for decades.

The reality star's statement swimwear featured white bands running around her waist, highlighting her hourglass figure.From your perspective, the odds are close to 50-50 that this is a useful document or that it is malicious software like a virus. Online access to service and shop manuals is scarce, even if you pay for it.Your best bet for DIY auto repairs, even in 2014, is still to buy a hard copy of the service manual, whether it is a used authorized manual or a third-party publication.Most automakers don’t ask for login information to get access to the manuals; all you have to do is search for your model.Below are the portals where you can begin that process for most of the big car makers.

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